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6+ Years of Experience in Visa & Immigration

Welcome to India’s Oldest Immigration, Global Mobility, Visa and Relocation Enterprise

At Afflatus Global, we take pride in providing customized services to our clients who aspire to travel, work, or immigrate to a foreign land. What sets us apart is not just our team of dedicated employees who strive to provide the best solutions, but also our unique approach to assisting our clients.

Why choose Afflatus Global Visa ?

At Afflatus Global, we take pride in providing customized services to our clients who aspire to travel, work, or immigrate to a foreign land. What sets us apart is not just our team of dedicated employees who strive to provide the best solutions, but also our unique approach to assisting our clients. We take you through the immigration process step by step, ensuring that you have a complete understanding of the process.
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6+ Years of Experience 1000 + Visa Processed 40,000+ Students Guided Towards their Study abroad Dream

About us

Empowering Journeys

At Afflatus Global Visa, we are more than just a visa service provider; we are your trusted partner in unlocking boundless opportunities and empowering your journey towards global exploration. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a passion for simplifying the visa application process, we stand as your gateway to a world of possibilities.

Our Mission

The leading global provider of immigration and visa services with the required reach, agility and client commitment to enable corporations and individuals to more easily navigate complex regulations.

Our Vision

Provide information, orientation and immigration outreach programs to help students, faculty, scholars and staff maintain legal immigration status & to provide accurate and timely advice on immigration.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Since 2018, Afflatus Global Visa Immigration Services has been the pioneer of business immigration consulting in India.

Training for interviews with visa offices and agencies – either directly or through international associates.

Assistance for identifying profitable businesses for sale overseas, and suggesting suitable start-up ventures for investment.

Critical guidance on sourcing of funds, proving business and personal net worth, and preparation of country-specific, industry-specific and commercially viable business plans.

Thorough documentation support and professional management of the entire application process. through licensed Immigration consultants/attorneys in the respective country jurisdiction.  

Visa procurement for accompanying spouse, dependent/non-dependent children, parents, senior citizens and non-English speakers.

Planning and coordinating exploratory visits to viable destinations, with active assistance from local associates.

What do we offer ?

Since 2018

What Our Clients say about us?

The E Visa process in India is an online process designed to simplify and expedite the visa application process for travelers .

Whether it's for studies, travel, business, or work, I would trusts Afflatus Global Visa with all my visa needs. Relocating for work was a significant step in my career, and Afflatus Global Visa played a pivotal role in making it happen. They provided step-by-step guidance, helped me compile a strong application, and ensured everything was in order.
Sarthak Singh
Student visa
I wanted to explore new countries, but the visa process seemed daunting. Thanks to Afflatus Global Visa, obtaining a tourist visa became comfortable. Their thorough knowledge of visa requirements and efficient processing made my travel plans a breeze.
Nidhi Verma
Tourist visa
Afflatus Global Visa is undeniably the best immigration consultancy in Delhi. Their comprehensive services cover a wide range of visa types, and their commitment to client satisfaction is evident in every interaction.
Himanshi Jaiswal
Job visa
I highly recommend Afflatus Global Visa to anyone seeking immigration services. Their professionalism and attention to detail are unmatched. With their guidance, I was able to navigate the complex visa application process with ease. Thank you for your outstanding service!
Rajesh Sharma
Job visa
I had almost given up hope of securing a visa for my dream destination, but Afflatus Global Visa worked tirelessly to make it happen. Their team's dedication and personalized approach turned my visa rejection into a success story.
Ashish Singh
Worker visa
As a business professional, I needed a visa to expand my operations overseas. Afflatus Global Visa simplified the complex application process, ensuring I had all the necessary documents. Their professionalism and attention to detail were impressive.
Muskan Aggarwal
Business visa
Afflatus Global Visa made his dream of studying abroad a reality. Their team's expertise and guidance were instrumental in securing my student visa.I had a wonderful experience working with Afflatus Global Visa.I'm grateful for their support. They handled the entire process seamlessly, from university selection to visa documentation.
Student visa
Choosing Afflatus Global Visa was the best decision I made for my immigration journey. Their knowledgeable staff guided me through every step, ensuring that all my documents were in order and my application was submitted correctly. I'm now happily settled in my new country, all thanks to their assistance
Priya Patel
Student visa

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Afflatus Global Visa is a premier visa services provider dedicated to facilitating seamless travel experiences for individuals and businesses worldwide.
  • Afflatus Global Visa specializes in a wide range of visa services, including student visas, business visas, work visas, and tourist visas, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.
  • Afflatus Global Visa has been assisting clients with their visa needs since [year of establishment], bringing years of experience and expertise to the industry.
  • At Afflatus Global Visa, we prioritize personalized service, efficiency, and expertise, ensuring that each client receives tailored guidance and support throughout their visa application journey.

Yes, Afflatus Global Visa is fully licensed and accredited, adhering to all relevant regulations and standards in the visa services industry.

  • Yes, Afflatus Global Visa maintains strong partnerships with embassies, consulates, and other relevant authorities worldwide to facilitate smooth and efficient visa processing for our clients.

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